January  garnet.jpg Garnet- Derived from the Latin work granatum- pomegranate, which comes from the granum- grain similar to the red kernels in the pomegranate. Garnet's powers include healing, strength, and protection from injuries so many warriors wore them into battle. It is also believed to regulate the heart and blood flow and aid in curing depression.
February  amethyst.jpg Amethyst- The name is said to have come from the Greek word, amethustos, meaning 'not drunken' and if you drank from an amethyst goblet you would not suffer due to excess alcohol consumption.  Amethyst is considered as an aid to the brave because it was believed to protect soldiers in battle. Other legends say that amethyst can control evil thoughts, help hunters capture animals, and make the owner shrewd in business matters.
March  aquamarine.jpg Aquamarine- In Latin means 'water of the sea', so named because its color is similar to sea water. It was once referred to as 'the sailor's stone' and was said to protect sea farers. Since early times, aquamarine has been believed to endow the wearer with foresight, courage, and happiness. It is said to increase intelligence, make one more youthful, and has been effective as a treatment for anxiety.
April  diamond.jpg Diamond- Comes from the Greek word, adamas, meaning 'invincible' which is a reference to the extreme hardness of diamonds. The only thing hard enough to cut a diamond is another diamond. Diamonds are associated with love and romance. It is the stone traditionally chosen for engagement rings, because diamonds foster unity, trust, and fidelity.
May  emerald.jpg Emerald- The name is derived from the Greek word smaragdos meaning 'green stone'. One of the earliest known mines was by the Red Sea in Egypt and has been called Cleopatra's emerald mines. It is the symbol of immortality and is said to be beneficial to the eyes. This stone was offered nearly 4000 B.C. in Babylon at one of the earliest gem markets.
June pearl.jpgalexandrite.jpg

Pearl- Because of their shape they have been associated with the moon. The ancient Chinese believed that they protected the wearer from fire and dragons. They symbolize to some Europeans purity and modesty. Quality is based on the luster, nacre thickness, blemishes, color and shape.

Alexandrite- Were discovered in the Ural Mountains of Russia in 1830-1831 and was named after Czar Alexander II. These stones have a color change phenomenon going from a strong bluish-green through yellowish-green in daylight to an orangish-red through purple-red in incandescent light. Alexandrite is said to be helpful with challenges of self-worth or discouragement, and that keeping it in your pocket or wearing it in a piece of jewelry can help you gain emotional strength in times of difficulty.

July  ruby.jpg Ruby- Gets its name from the Latin word ruber meaning 'red color'. The owner of a ruby was said to be assured of a fine life, peace with all mean and his rank, and his land would never be taken from him. It is said to preserve wealth, remove evil thoughts, bring good health, wisdom and outstanding success in 'heart affairs'. 
August  peridot.jpg Peridot- The name comes from the Greek word chrysolite meaning 'golden stone'. Peridot has been adored since ancient times and has been valued for centuries. People in the Middle Ages wore peridot to gain foresight and divine inspiration. Legend has it that pirates favored peridot to protect them against evil, and peridot was greatly prized by Egyptian Kings.  It is said to attract wealth and love, calm anger, and promote sleep.
September  sapphire.jpg Sapphire- Derived from the Greek word sapphirus meaning 'blue'. Sapphire was said to preserve the wearer from envy and also attract divine favor. Some ancient societies believed the earth rested on a sapphire and caused the sky to be blue. Sapphires are said to promote general health and a positive attitude towards life, promoting self-motivation and helping move forward towards a path of self-fulfillment.
October  opal.jpgtourmaline.jpg

Opal- Comes from the Indian (Sanskrit) word for 'stone'. Most opal is 50-65 million years old, dating back to the Cretaceous period when dinosaurs roamed the earth. The opal is representative of justice and harmony, and is said to be a protective stone in dangerous places. They also say it Wearing an opal is said to bring about loyalty and faithfulness.

Pink Tourmaline- Comes from the Sinhalese term turmali which was the name given to all colored crystals on the island of Sri Lanka in the late 1600s and early 1700s when it was first discovered off the West Coast of Italy by Dutch traders. This stone has been known throughout history to be helpful to artists, authors, actors and those in creative fields.

November  citrine.jpg Citrine Topaz- The name topaz comes from the Sanskrit and means fire. Topaz occurs in a wide range of colors including red, orange, peach, pink, gold, yellow, brown and clear, but yellow/citrine is the precious topaz used for the November birthstone. During the Middle Ages topaz was thought to heal both physical and mental disorders and prevent death. The Greeks believed it had power to increase strength and to make its wearer invisible while the Romans believed it had power to improve eyesight.
December  turquoise.jpgzircon.jpg

Turquoise- The name turquoise is apparently related to the fact that is was brought to Europe from the Eastern Mediterranean by Levantine traders, more commonly known as Turks.  It’s been used as a valuable ornament for ages and was used by the Egyptians thousands of years ago. Crystal healers recommend it for detoxification of alcohol, poison, pollution or radiation in the body, treatment of high blood pressure, asthma, infections, TMJ and dental problems.

Blue Zircon- Derived from the word zargoon, the Arabic word meaning 'vermillion' and in Persian meaning 'gold-colored'. Since Medieval times, zircon has been thought to bring wisdom, honor and wealth to those who possess it.  It is especially prized for protecting travelers from harm, and even today, the Hindus believe zircon can stimulate spiritual growth. It is also thought to bring success, luck, happiness, and intuition.

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