Peggy Karr Glass

Available at Gould’s Diamonds & Jewelry in Anoka, Minnesota, Peggy Karr Glass is known for its distinctive and unique fused glass in a variety of designs of ornaments, coasters, and bowls. According to the company’s website, the glass used for these items is cut it by hand into more than 20 different shapes and sizes to create the wide variety of products offered. Computers are used so that the designs created by our artists can be easily reproduced. Line drawings are printed to give the artisans a working outline on which to decorate.

Peggy Karr Glass formulates and produces its own colors making them unique in the industry. Colors are a combination of finely ground glass and ceramic pigments. Years of ongoing research and development have been devoted to this vital aspect of the work. Small, hand-held sifters are used by the artisans to apply color to the glass.

Computer generated stencils are used to layer each color on the glass. This makes it possible to recreate a design while still giving the artisan control over the subtle variations of color which add uniqueness to each piece. With the exception of our ornaments, all of the color layers are covered with a second layer of glass. This layer will encase the design to ensure it will never fade or change color.

Each piece of decorated glass is placed on a mold which determines its final form. We produce most of our molds in ceramic and coat them with a clay dust which keeps the glass from adhering to the mold and which gives a unique pebble finish to the back of each piece.

Uniqueness at Peggy Karr Glass extends into the industrial side of its business. Peggy designed our kilns in the early 1990's specifically for our product. When the glass and color are heated to 1,600° F they fuse together and form one piece of glass, sealing and protecting the design forever.

Each piece of Peggy Karr Glass undergoes a thorough cleaning and inspection before it can bear the distinctive inscription; 'PKG' for Peggy Karr Glass, followed by the year. This ensures your piece of functional art is of the highest quality and will be treasured and enjoyed for years to come. Look for Peggy Karr Glass in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul), Minnesota region at Gould’s Diamonds & Jewelry in downtown Anoka, Minnesota.


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