Appraisal Services

Gould’s Diamonds and Jewelry is the oldest established jeweler in the state of Minnesota. We can proudly say that we have multiple trained and certified in-house appraisers working daily to meet all your appraisal needs including:


INSURANCE APPRAISAL.  This is the estimated current retail market price at which a similar piece of jewelry could be purchased with like quality of materials and craftsmanship from a merchant who normally stocks and deals in the type of merchandise being appraised.  This does not necessarily reflect the price at which the appraised jewelry may be purchased.


ESTATE/FAIR MARKET VALUE APPRAISAL.  This is the estimated current fair market value which is the cash price of an item in an “as is” condition and which does not necessarily represent the replacement value of similar merchandise.  Fair market value is the price at which an item would change hands between willing buyers and willing sellers, neither being under the compulsion to buy or sell, and both having reasonable knowledge of the relevant facts in the most common market which is reasonable and realistic for a purchaser who is an ultimate consumer of the item.


LIQUIDATION APPRAISAL.  This is an evaluation of merchandise for immediate disposal.  Careful consideration is taken for all market options and possibilities available for disposal of the merchandise.


Whatever your appraisal needs may be, your items will be carefully examined by a trained appraiser using industry accepted gemological techniques. At Gould's, great care will be taken to provide you with complete descriptions, photographs, and accurate values.


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