Bulova & Bulova-Accutron

Gould's Jewelry carries both Bulova and Bulova-Accutron watches. When Accutron from Bulova debuted on Oct. 25, 1960, it was the most accurate timing mechanism available and the first personal timekeeping advancement in 300 years. The world’s first electronic watch without springs or an escapement, it was operated by an electronically activated tuning fork – instead of ticking, it hummed. Bulova’s Accutron watches are available at Gould’s Diamonds & Jewelry in downtown Anoka, Minnesota.

Bulova has an important place in history as an integral part of 46 missions of the U.S. space program.  Before the technology was available commercially, NASA requested its use in the development of the United States’ greatest single engineering achievement, man’s first landing on the moon. With Accutron technology playing a key role in the missions leading up to the first manned lunar landing on July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin placed an Accutron timer in the moon’s Sea of Tranquility to control transmissions of data to earth.  The Accutron logo became a symbol to the consumer of the watch’s accuracy and was later adopted as Bulova’s corporate logo.

Founded in 1875, Bulova remains one of the world’s most recognized brands, reaching a wide range of consumers with its Bulova, Bulova Accutron, Caravelle by Bulova, Wittnauer and licensed Harley-Davidson® Timepieces by Bulova watches, Frank Lloyd Wright Collection® watches and clocks, and the award-winning Bulova Clocks. These styles are available at Gould’s Jewelry & Diamonds in Anoka, Minnesota, part of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St. Paul), Minnesota metropolitan area.


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